Anti adhesive roller cover LURA 2105/A

(German federal utility model DE 201 11 827)

Description of properties

During the processing of adhesive materials (e.g. glue, adhesives, extrudates, etc.), adhesion between the roller surface and the product may occur. Our patented surface design can eliminate this effect so that there are no process delays due to materials sticking together.

Another advantage of this design is very good gripping of the product. For sensitive materials, (e.g. metallic film), this prevents damage to the surface due to slipping, as may occur on the non-powered guide roller if the angle of contact is low.


These patented LÜRAFLEX ROLLERS are characterized by a defined peak-to-valley height of more than 10 μm for the elastomer coating. Due to this surface design, the surface contact with the product is reduced to a minimum and the benefits mentioned above are achieved. These rollers can be produced with electrically conducting elastomers. Due to a multitude of additional possible uses and designs (e.g. expander rollers), a broad range of solutions can be offered.

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