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Model with radial groove

The LURAFLEX spreader roll (type AI) is characterized by its radial groove, which is undercut from the center to the left and right.
This roller makes a bidirectional direction of movement (forward and reverse) possible.

We have two versions: the classic AI and the fine AI/S, which has narrower grooves.

Areas of application

We recommend the AI model for the stretching of materials such as paper, rigid or hard plastic films, and textiles, as well as for operations at slow speeds.

A very interesting application is as a roll in a turret winder (criss-cross turret winder); the roll settles the web during the changeover, resulting in a better winding quality.
A turret winder has two guide rollers, which are usually metallic. These merely need to redirect the web when changing the roll of material. Unfortunately, the tensions, speeds and paths of the webs vary greatly during this process. The result is a very unsettled web, resulting in poorly wound material.

By using the AI/S model of a LURAFLEX spreader roll, these difficulties can be completely eliminated. The individual lamellae absorb the various web tensions over the width of the web. This keeps the roll absolutely settled and flat so that the material is wound up cleanly. The bidirectional operation of this spreader roll means that the direction of rotation of the winder does not matter.

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