Spreader roll, type AIII

Model with V-profile from the center

In this version, the variations for production are almost infinite; but every one is certainly legitimate and has resulted from experience.

As a rule, we specify the spreader rolls using the application parameters.

The versions can be seen in the number of profile paths.
AIII has one profile path to the left and one to the right.
AIII / 2 has two profile paths to the left and two to the right.
AIII / 3 has three, and AIII / 4 has four.

The spreader roll may also be provided with a wear layer. This version consists of a softer central block and a harder outer layer made of rubber. This provides significant improvement of the roller’s resistance against wear and cuts (patent DE 103 13 748 B4).

In the case of very thin aluminum films in combination with high speeds, an air pocket can form in the middle of the spreader roll. This problem can be eliminated without damaging the aluminum using two different approaches. Patented models (DE 101 51 623, EP 1336 680 and DE 102 06 568).

Areas of application

Paper, plastic films, aluminum films, textiles can be spread.
Pressure-sensitive materials can be processed without any problems.
At stop-and-go speeds of up to 2500 m/min.
At wrap angles of approximately 10° to more than 180°.

Due to the diversity of our quality portfolio, we can adjust properties such as electrical conductivity, anti-adhesion, temperature (up to
240 °C), and resistance against ozone, oil, abrasion and cuts.

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We have posted our product information, papers and publications for the paper industry and for the plastic film and converting industry on the web as well as our brochures.

Type AIII multilayer

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