Cleaning roller cover


The adhesive surface of the roller cover allows dust and dirt particles to be removed from delicate surfaces of webs consisting of film, paper and other materials. Typical applications can be found in magnetic tape manufacturing, the film industry, the printing industry, steel and stainless steel production, sheet metal production, and the circuit board industry.

The adhesive property is available in three versions of different strengths .

The mildest cleanser is water with detergents, which removes stubborn dirt only to a limited extent. In addition, we recommend either ethanol, methanol or isopropanol. MEK and ethyl acetate are also possible, but would have to be removed completely from the roller surface immediately after the cleaning process; otherwise, changes to the surface may result. Toluene and hexane (non-polar, aliphatic solvents) are very aggressive and should not be used. If their use is unavoidable, proceed with great care.

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