Paper Industry: Equipment

In roller cutting as well as in cross cutting processes, a clean cut is crucial for a good winding quality or, respectively, a high degree of format precision. For this purpose, in turn, it is key for the paper web to be fed into the machine without creases in order to ensure a uniform application of pressure and removal of air by action of the pressure roller. Spreader rollers as well as pressure rollers serve an essential purpose in this respect.

Roller Cutting Machines / Unwinder

It is important for the roller cutting machine to prevent the entry of air or rather to allow for a controlled entry of air into the paper roll while winding up the paper web.

In each installation to be used - be it Vari Top, Vari Plus or Vari Step - the use of rollers with rubber coverings (such as pressure rollers, draught diverter rollers or rider rollers) is required. Their function is to squeeze the air out of the wound-up paper web or to evenly distribute the air within it. The desired aim is to produce a roll of paper web wound without dents, with straight edges and with uniform application of winding force throughout.

Since then, the standard has come to include different profiling designs - our joint development with the company Jagenberg - as well as special new geometries tailored customer-specific problems that we have been made aware of.

Slitter winder

It is important in a winder that the paper is wound without air or a controlled amount of air in the paper roll.

Whether you have a Vari Top, Vari Plus or Vari Step, rubber-coated rollers such as pressure rollers, draft breaker rollers or rider rollers, the rollers have the function of squeezing the air or distributing it homogeneously in the roll. The goal is a callus-free, well-known, even, hard-wound paper roll.

Different profiling designs, which we developed together with Jagenberg, have been standard ever since.
But also new geometry that have been created specifically for special customer problems.

The profile design on pressure rolls was developed in cooperation with Jagenberg and has meanwhile become an industry standard.

The production of draught damper rolls is part of our product portfolio.

We offer a complete range of services from renewing rubber coverings for rolls, including balancing, through to the renovation of an entire system.

Cross Cutting Machines

As a long-standing supply partner to builders of cross-cutting machines, our line of products includes spreader rollers, pressure rollers, pre-heating rollers and conventional rubber roller coverings.

The classical positioning of spreader rollers within the machine is downstream of the unwinding section, upstream of the flattening or trimming section as well as upstream of the cutting section.

Our pre-heating rollers were likewise optimised. In order to avoid adhesion of the paper to the roller, we have developed a bright, non-discolouring, antistatic material. The V profiles can be manufactured with rounded edges.
In addition to that, it is possible to transfer a necessary buckling of the roller coating to the advancing profile as well.

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Calendering Machines

The function of calendering, a process that is also referred to as “satinising”, is to compact the surface of the paper web in order to give it a smoother, glossier finish.

No matter whether you are mentioning Janus, Soft, Eco-Soft or Supercalendering machines - Lüraflex spreader rollers will be used in all of these systems.

For the Supercalender, we have joined efforts with a renowned paper manufacturer to develop an interesting solution for preventing the formation of stripes caused by temperature and dampness (known as “devil’s ears” within the trade), which are the result of an overheating of the bearings in Uniroll rollers.
Concerning this issue, you can find a report taken from the “Equipment” presentation by the PTS in Munich from the year 2005, as well as other articles from trade literature.

The Sensomat rollers are another important component of the Supercalender.
In order to achieve a better winding quality and optimise the distribution of air within the wound-up paper web, we have also added different profiles and a multilayer system to our portfolio.

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