Rodillos alargadores, tipo AII

The AII profile is also called a microprofile. This has parallel incisions in the form of <0.5 mm-wide punctures, meaning that it is an almost groove-free surface.

Areas of application

This has been developed primarily for use with sensitive materials, e.g. in systems involving vacuum evaporation, coating, or longitudinal cutting. Due to the centrifugal force, the tips of the lamellae are raised to a minimal extent; they simultaneously “relax”. It is easier to deflect them under the web tension; thus a better spreading effect is obtained.

This model can also be used as a “Presscoat” pressure roller.
In a winding process, especially at higher speeds, a so-called air boundary layer forms on the sides of the material. This “drags” unwanted air into the winding.

Due to the microprofiled surface of the roll, the air can “spread out” better, not only towards the side of the roller surface, but also between the first material layers. The result is a clean and marketable material roll.

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