Rodillos alargadores, tipo AVI

with subswell

The AVI profile is a development that has been made specifically for very “unsettled” webs. It was originally developed for blown-film extruders.
After the sleeve has been folded together, deflection occurs a number of times with a wrap angle of up to 180°. Here, many parameters affect the web:

  • The oscillating haul-off unit rotates around its own axis.
  • We have two overlapping webs.
  • Often, a “fold” is produced at both edges. Due to this fold, the thickness is up to four times greater. This means higher web tensions on the edges and a lower web tension in the middle of the web.

The result is a “droopy" web.

The AVI model achieves a spreading effect and settles the web.

The special design of this roll is a 2-path V-profile with a subswell. The surface of the roller is cylindrical.

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