Air Chamber Roller

Pressure Roller with Air Chamber System - EP1593631

The new patented roller’s outstanding feature is its very effective compressibility with very good resetting capabilities. This positive attribute is achieved by using an imbedded air chamber. The construction also allows options of different rubber coverings to suit different applications.


It can be used in slitting machines as a contact roller, to control the problem of variable profile, conically wrapped, or unevenly wound products. The pressure roller, with its air chamber system, equalizes the surface pressure without excessively increasing the web tension. Further applications include processes where a “wide” nip is required - eg guide rollers, rollers for splicing operations etc. Before the introduction of the air chamber roller a larger nip was usually achieved by increasing the roll diameter and reducing the rubber hardness. This can cause problems for machine builders and end users. The mechanical properties of the soft rubber coating, by not being the optimum, can have a negative effect on the life of the roller. Furthermore, a larger roller increases the investment costs and may require major machine modifications, or it may not be possible to fit at all due to the construction of the machine


Our pressure roller with the air chamber system can be manufactured with different elastomers suitable for specific process conditions. Currently available are, for instance, electrical conductive, anti-stick, high temperature resistant and extreme non-wearing versions.

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