Rouleau élargisseur

Rouleau élargisseur LÜRAFLEX

are used for the removal of creases from different material webs. Effective per formance is obtained by a special profiled surface. Even virtually tension-free materials are smoothed. The wrap angle (10° - 180°) together with the web tension provides a sideways spreading action to give the desired result. Our spreader rollers are designed specially to meet our customers’ requirements. For optimum results we currently use numerous different profiling tools for our spreader rollers which enable us to cope with even the most difficult challenges.

Our spreader roller system has to a large extent a cylindrical form. It can be used for virtually all types of material webs and requires no drive. Thanks to its cylindrical shape the roller geometry requires no complicated adjustment. The LURAFLEX system can be used for numerous processes and provides excellent spreading results not only at low but also at high speeds.The special construction has the effect that the profiles function as small spring assemblies and thus ensure a stable material web.

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+ 33 3 44 88 60 99

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