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Innovation (anglais)
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Rouleaux et rouleaux élagisseurs (anglais)
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Rouleaux élagisseurs (anglais)
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Revêtement antiadhésif LURA 2105/A (anglais)
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Rouleaux élagisseurs design AII (anglais)
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Cleaning roller revêtement (anglais)
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Rouleaux avec air chamber system (anglais)
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Newspaper article and lectures

News paper articles "Coating International"
"Rollers with multifunctional surfaces"

Issue June 2018

Interview with Armando Giovannelli,
Head of Sales, Lüraflex GmbH

News paper articles "Coating International"
"Web guiding reinterpreted"

Issue August 2020

Interview with Armando Giovannelli
Head of Sales, Lüraflex GmbH

Rollers with multifuncional surfaces
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Web guiding reinterpred (anglais)
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