Chemises pour prétraitement corona

During corona pre-treatment, the rubber covers – whether they are sleeves or vulcanized rolls – need to have very good electrical insulation properties. The surface must be absolutely free of shrink holes.

Our many years of experience in this area guarantee a high pre-treatment quality for your product surfaces.

  • On a mandrel: we manufacture sleeves on a mandrel. These are characterized by a high variability of the dimensions, the wall thickness, the hardnesses and the surfaces. Especially in regard to the surface quality, they distinguish themselves due to their ground structure.
    There is no minimum order quantity for this solution.
  • Extruded sleeves: the sleeves that are produced by extrusion have a smooth, “sealed” surface. Normal dimensions are an inner diameter of 75 mm to 125 mm. A minimum order quantity needs to be taken into account here.
  • Roll covers: we supply complete solutions, i.e. with the core; also available as a cooling roller, which we then vulcanize with rubber. We can process a length of up to approximately 9500 mm, a diameter of up to 1500 mm and a unit weight of up to 12 tons.

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