Sleeves et Manchon élastique à tambour

Chemises pour prétraitement corona


Chemises de garnissage et protection des rouleaux


Manchon élastiques à tambour


We manufacture sleeves that are produced on a mandrel. As a result, a multitude of variants are possible.
These are used in corona pre-treatment to protect material on guide rollers from scratches or to increase the coefficient of friction (grip).
Another area of application is the metal industry. Here, sleeves – called reel covers – are pulled onto the mandrel as an adapter.

  • Quality: you can choose any level of quality from our portfolio.
  • Surface: finely to coarsely ground, concave or convex models, with criss-cross, axial, radial or spiral profile.
  • Properties: electrically conductive; anti-adhesive; corona pre-treatment; resistant against ozone, temperature, acids or alkalis, cuts and/or abrasion; high degree of grip.
  • Dimensions: we produce the tubes specifically for your application.

If you have an enquiry, please complete our questionnaire (français) or contact us directly on (+49 2131 125 69 0) or contact our representative in France:

Bobinov, Fresnoy la Rivière 
+ 33 3 44 88 60 99

We have posted our product information, papers and publications for the paper industry and for the plastic film and converting industry on the web as well as our brochures.


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